Depending on what you believe and what you aspire as a leader you may already focus on leadership practices such as observing, asking, listening, coaching, and empowering. Let me add to that list one leadership practice that many of my executive coaching clients and business relations tend to under-use: the leadership practice of sharing.

When you share, you model vulnerability.

When you share, you motivate others to do so too.

When you share, people get to see a different side of you.

When you share, you provide personal context to your team members.

When you share, people see your fun, socially engaged, or some other side of you.

Even though it’s obviously not up to me to prescribe to leaders what they should share, I’m happy to provide some suggestions that have worked well for my clients and myself:

  • Share some of your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses.
  • Share what worries you and how you handle that sentiment.
  • Share your learnings from present or previous projects and jobs.
  • Share which people impacted you and which situations transformed you.

What meaningful piece of information about you can you share with your people?