Meet Carolien Moors

Candor. Accountability. Change.

Carolien Moors is the founder of HardTalk Biz Coaching and provides executive coaching, team sessions, change management consultation, keynotes, and webinars. Carolien has 29 years of experience in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the U.S. Every year she provides professional development for the MN Project Management institute and MN Continuing Legal Education and she has been facilitating change management and organization development courses at the University of Minnesota for several years. Carolien serves organizations large and small in industries such as IT, finance, the legal field, utilities, construction, hospitality, food, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. She focuses on enhancing transition and change management, strengthening emotional intelligence and leadership influence, and improving accountability and team effectiveness.

Carolien received Master degrees in psychology and education and is described by her clients as savvy, results-driven, and respectfully direct and candid. Her approach is a practical and engaging one, with insights from diverse fields such as neuroscience, system thinking, and leadership research. She encourages people to cross-examine their ‘facts’ and their preconceived notion about themselves, their processes, people, products, and services. She puts to practice what French historian and philosopher Voltaire worded so succinctly: ‘Judge a man by his questions, not his answers.’ She believes that great questions open the door to dialogue and discovery, as does our willingness to critically examine what we believe to be true. Carolien recognizes that professional effectiveness starts with the quality of your awareness, reflection, and thinking. When it comes to team effectiveness, she believes in creating a foundation of shared norms for both caring and confronting, which requires trust, clarity, candor, and accountability.

On a more personal note, every year Carolien donates her expertise to a selected non-profit and she has always volunteered hands-on as a guardian ad litem, a volunteer police officer, a vacation camp leader for people with disabilities, a hospice companion, and other meaningful causes. Carolien loves to travel, cook, entertain, read, hike, enjoy performing arts, ride her Yamaha FZ8, and, above all, she prioritizes time with her family of five.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Provocative, Engaging, and Enlightening Workshops

“Our multi-year partnership with Carolien has been an important part of our ongoing strategy for building our remarkable people and helping them show up as thought leaders in our industry. When looking at our learning and development investments, it is rewarding to know that employees say, “This is the best class I’ve ever taken” and “I wish we had more time with Carolien!” It shows how her workshops continue to impact how our people deliver work, lead themselves and others, and support our customers. I’d highly recommend Carolien for any organization looking to engage their employees in thoughtfully provocative, engaging, and enlightening workshops that teach practical tips on improving one’s approach to relationships and his/her work.”

– Cassie Nelson, Vice President of Human Resources at McGough Construction, St. Paul, Minnesota

Professionalism, Astuteness, Flexibility

“During my time with LEAF in the Netherlands, I witnessed Carolien coach our employees at a highly professional level. In her field of expertise Carolien functions at a top level, creating a healthy balance between interests of the employer and interests of the employee being coached. In this process she adheres to high standards for independence, integrity, respect, and safety. Her method is geared towards ownership and results. Carolien is capable to influence people in a unique, inspiring, respectful, and effective way, creating motion and behavior change. I greatly appreciate her professionalism, engagement, broad expertise, flexibility, composure, keenness, and, above all, her astuteness.”

– Esmiralda Alstede, former Vice President HR at RBV Leaf, the Netherlands

Reflective Abilities that Create Long-Lasting Change

“I have dealt with Carolien Moors in a diversity of business settings. Carolien is very involved with and committed to her clients. She is highly result – oriented and proceeds in a unique manner with the right balance between a strong personal involvement and the necessary professional distance. She has the ability to create a deep sense of trust that allows her to come close to clients and at the same time keep enough distance to let clients ‘do their work’. Carolien’s reflective abilities and her approach enable her clients to create long-lasting (behavioral) changes.”

– Rob Severens, Lead HR Specialist at Van den Broek & Partners, the Netherlands

Integrity Entwined with a Results-Driven Approach

“Carolien has performed an excellent job as team coach for the team I worked for in 2007. Within this team there were some severe interpersonal problems. Carolien has inspired and confronted us in such a way that it became clear for us what the main problem was and what the direction of the solution could be. Carolien impressed me with her integrity and the combination of her personal and her result driven approach. Thanks a lot!”

– Hans van der Heijden, Senior Coach / Trainer at Schouten & Nelissen, the Netherlands

Asking Challenging Questions with Care

“I recently reviewed a list of “Ten Basic Rules for Asking Questions”. The first rule was short and simple; “Be direct” and I immediately thought of Carolien Moors. I repeatedly thought of her as I read the remaining nine rules, all of which tells me that Carolien is a pretty good question asker. But she is much more; she listens to the answers, she probes, she challenges and helps you get to the core issues; she gets results! She gets results not only because of her work experiences and her training and education, but mainly because she cares and she is passionate about her work. I have seen her in action and am delighted to recommend her to organizations seeking improvements in employee, team or leadership effectiveness.”

– Wyn Davies, Founder of C.F. Advisors, LLC – Business Advisor to Start-Ups

Thoughtful Employee Intervention and Collaborative Care

“Carolien Moors and I met in regard to psychological support for employees of Philip Morris Holland. Her system approach appealed to me greatly and in addition to regular coaching, workshops, and training, Carolien was called upon in emergencies when employees faced a possible burn-out to do an intake. Employees felt heard and taken seriously with Carolien, and they benefited from discussing their situation with a professional. With the worst pressure gone and some alleviation provided, the employees regained energy to begin or continue their personal development, which prevented much sick leave within the organization. Carolien consistently stood out with her high integrity, professionalism, and collaboration, and she was of great value during an employee’s development track, remaining involved and supportive throughout the process.” 

– Laurens Soeterboek, Former HR Executive at Philip Morris Holland, the Netherlands

Watch Carolien in Action