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When you nurture your intellectual curiosity through reading, when you seriously entertain someone else’s perspective, and when you seek out professional opinions, thought-provoking articles, and contrarian views, I believe it leaves you enriched and wiser. I wish you inspired reading and reflecting and I welcome your comments on my posts.


Additional Reading: Some of My Many Favorite Books

A good book for me is one that provides me with multiple perspectives, one that confronts me with thought-provoking questions, and one that offers contrarian narratives so I can reflect in new ways and multiply my options. Let me offer you ten of the many books I think are excellent vehicles to expand your mind:

  • The Business of Belief, Tom Asacker                                 
  • Moments of Impact, Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon                       
  • Transparency – How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor, Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, and James O’Toole
  • The Leadership Challenge and The Truth about Leadership, James Kouzes and Barry Posner
  • Managing Transitions, William Bridges
  • How to Keep People from Pushing Your Buttons, Albert Ellis and Arthur Lange
  • The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle
  • Humble Inquiry, Edgar H. Schein
  • Beyond Blame – Learning from Failure and Success, Dave Zwieback
  • Just Culture – Restoring Trust and Accountability in Your Organization, Sidney Dekker


Who Doesn’t …

Who doesn’t … want to be successful? Who doesn’t … want others to act accountable? Who doesn’t … want their team to function as a true team? I like to share some nuggets from the workshop Holding Others Accountable that I attended, with all credits, of course, to the...

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Saying It As It Is

Though I generally prefer to think and talk in affirmative language rather than the language of don’ts, I believe this post to be a useful exception. When confronted with difficult interpersonal situations that involve critique, confrontation or other ingredients that...

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