If you don’t know what you stand for,

please don’t expect others to follow you.


If you don’t believe in it,

please don’t expect your people to put their heart and soul into it.


If you don’t own your mistakes and misjudgments and act accountable,

please expect others to blame, cover-up, justify, and deny.


If you don’t break down truth-telling barriers,

please expect sugar-coating, beating around the bush, and dishonesty.


If you don’t demonstrate courage in tough moments,

please expect cowardice to reign.


If you are not comfortable with vulnerability,

please expect others to avoid emotions, not-knowing, and unpleasantries.


If you don’t have the humility to be quiet, follow, and let others shine

please expect arrogance, self-importance, and pretentiousness.


If you are not reflective, self-aware, and self-critical,

please don’t expect others to happily show these qualities.


If you don’t walk your talk,

please do expect others to follow your example.


Leadership simplified: self-awareness, conviction, accountability, courage, vulnerability, confidence, humility.