In “The Art of War for Women – Sun Tzu’s ultimate guide to winning without confrontation” by Chin-Ning Chu, a case is made for the importance of mental strength. As I assume we can all agree, mental strength is vital to your success at any level in any industry and in any culture. “If you cannot handle the pain of setbacks, don’t take on a leadership role in the battlefield of either business or life.” is one of the numerous thought provokers from this book.

On page 147 and 148, Chin-Ning Chu presents 8 questions that should be answered affirmatively before accepting a (new) leadership position:

  1. Do I posses the ability to be decisive?
  2. Do I have the guts to complete the necessary tasks?
  3. Am I willing to take calculated risks?
  4. Do I have the stomach to handle the unpredictable setbacks?
  5. Do I possess an uncrushable strength?
  6. If my plan fails, am I resilient enough to bounce back?
  7. Do I have the ability to bear humiliation?
  8. Can I endure trying times?

Wishing you candid self-reflection!